26 China Airlines flights canceled due to pilot strike

The China Post
Date: Feb. 8, 2019

TAIPEI (CNA) – A strike by pilots has forced China Airlines, one of Taiwan’s two major carriers, to cancel 26 flights departing from or arriving in the country Friday through Sunday, according to the airline.

China Airlines announced the cancelations on its website (https://calec.china-airlines.com/typhoon/FLIGHT_INFORMATION_en.aspx) after news late Thursday night that hundreds of its 1,300 pilots could go on strike on 06:00. All three major airports in Taiwan were expected to be affected.

The canceled flights include those for destinations such as Los Angeles, Manila, Tokyo, Hong Kong and Bangkok.

It is the first time that Taiwan’s air travel during a Chinese New Year holiday has been disrupted by a strike although China Airlines was hit by a 24-hour strike of its flight attendants in June 2016, forcing 76 flights to be canceled with at least 20,000 passengers being affected.    [FULL  STORY]

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