Airline union seeks more details

SHATTERED HOPES:Former TransAsia employees who sought jobs with FAT after the TransAsia collapse said the salary and benefits were only about half of those at TransAsia

Taipei Times
Date: Dec 19, 2016
By: Staff writer, with CNA

Former employees of TransAsia Airways Corp (復興航空), which abruptly ended its operations last month, are hoping that Far Eastern Air Transport Corp (FAT, 遠東航空) has a clear plan if it is serious about restructuring TransAsia.

FAT has taken steps to get approval to restructure TransAsia, and if it goes ahead, the airline expects to rehire about 1,000 former TransAsia employees.
TransAsia’s union on Saturday said in a statement that it would be good to have another airline take over TransAsia, but hopes that FAT has a concrete plan in place, otherwise employees’ hopes are likely to be shattered for a second time.
The union said that after the disbanding of the carrier on Nov. 22, some employees sought jobs at FAT, but the salary and fringe benefits are only half what they earned at TransAsia.    [FULL  STORY]

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