Apache photo investigation continues

The China Post
Date: April 5, 2015
By: Chi-hao James Lo

TAIPEI, Taiwan — The Taoyuan District Prosecutors Office yesterday continued to conduct investigations on the ongoing Apache photo scandal case at the Army Special Forces 601 Brigade.

The scandal was brought to light after local presenter and socialite Janet Lee (李蒨蓉) posted a picture of herself sitting in an AH-64E Apache, an assault chopper that was recently acquired from the United States and has sensitive equipment not meant for the public eye.

The photo was taken during a trip that was led by Lieutenant Colonel Lao Nai-cheng (勞乃成), who is a friend of Lee’s. Reportedly, Lao took 20 people, including the socialite and her family, into the maintenance hangar of the Apaches during a visitation hour for a brief tour.     [FULL  STORY]

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