Beijing continues to suppress Taiwan internationally: Pres. Office

Radio Taiwan International
Date: 2017-09-18

The Presidential Office says that Beijing is continuing to use its One China principle to suppress Taiwan in the international community. That’s the word from Presidential Office spokesperson Alex Huang on Monday. Huang was responding to Panamanian President Juan Carlos Varela’s claim that money had nothing to do with his country’s decision to establish diplomatic ties with China. Varela made the statement in an interview with China’s state television, CCTV, on Monday. Panama broke ties with Taiwan to switch recognition to China on June 13.

Huang told reporters in Taipei on Monday that the international community is aware of Taiwan’s role, and how it has always been a contributor to peace and stability, rather than an instigator of conflicts.

Huang said Taiwan will continue to work on maintaining cross-strait peace and stability. He said that should be the responsibility and the goal of both Taiwan and China. Huang said that politics should not be a factor that influences cross-strait relations, nor should either side disturb the other’s diplomatic efforts.

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