Buddhist Children’s Books Inspire Environmentalism in Taiwan

Education is critical to confronting the climate crisis, and Taiwan offers an example of how to encourage kids to care about their environment.

Yes! Magazine
Date: DEC 8, 2020

Portrait of confident schoolgirl in classroom. Elementary students are sitting at desks. They are studying in school.

Climate change is one of the biggest challenges that the world faces. A United Nations report has cautioned that greenhouse gas emissions from human activity are at a record high, “with no signs of slowing down.” Many nations are recording weather extremes, higher average temperatures, and rising seas. Meanwhile, the first wave of increasing numbers of climate refugees points to how a changing environment will reshape human life.

The changes in climate may have been caused by previous and current generations of adults, but the future generations will have to deal with its worst effects. Today’s children will play a critical role in protecting the environment.

Confronting the crisis will require much change—and education is an urgent first step.

As experts have said, this education will need to start early, so that environmentally friendly practices become habits at a young age.   [FULL  STORY]

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