Bulgarian arrested in Taiwan for allegedly stealing from ATMs

A Bulgarian man was nabbed trying to use a forged credit card to withdraw money from a TCB bank ATM on Thursday

Taiwan News
Date: 2016/11/18
By: Central News Agency

A Bulgarian man was arrested in New Taipei on Thursday while he was trying to withdraw money from

(By Central News Agency)

(By Central News Agency)

a bank’s automated teller machine with a forged credit card, city police said Friday.

The New Taipei City Police Department said that based on its preliminary investigation, it suspected that the man is a member of a foreign-based criminal ring, which uses forged credit cards to steal money from ATMs.

Police began monitoring Taiwan Cooperative Bank (TCB) branches after receiving a report from the bank Thursday about several credit cards that had been seized by its ATMs because of failed transactions.

Not long after, police and TCB security guards noticed some suspicious behavior at one of the bank’s ATMs in New Taipei and arrested the Bulgarian man who was trying to make a withdrawal.    [FULL  STORY]

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