CHTHONIC Singer FREDDY LIM Elected Legislator In Taiwan
Date: January 16, 2016

According to Focus Taiwan, Freddy Lim, frontman of the Taiwanese metal freddylimsuit_638band CHTHONIC, was elected Saturday (January 16) as a legislator in Taipei’s 5th District. The singer defeated veteran legislator Lin Yu-fang of the Kuomintang by more than 6,000 votes.

Famous for his long hair and tattoos, Lim was the first rock star in Eastern Asia to run for office and is standing for a brand new political party — the New Power Party (NPP) — which is leading the pro-democracy Youth movement in Taiwan.

A longtime political activist, frontman Freddy Lim recently lent his public profile to several social movements.

The NPP was founded in January 2015 as a brand new political party and emerged from the Sunflower student movement of the previous year, which Lim was at the forefront of. They are advocates for universal human rights, civil and political liberties and protecting Taiwan’s independence as a sovereign state. The party’s main policy is “Transitional Justice,” which, lyrically, has been covered in all of CHTHONIC’s studio albums.     [FULL  STORY]

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