Consumer confidence 2nd highest in Greater China

The China Post
Date: April 9, 2015

BEIJING — Taiwan’s Consumer Confidence Index (CCI) in the first quarter of the year was the second-highest among the four areas in the Greater China region that also include mainland China, Macau and Hong Kong, according to a joint university study on consumer confidence in the region.

It was the best ranking Taiwan has had since 2008 in the regional CCI surveys.

Taiwan’s CCI climbed 1.41 points from the previous quarter’s 86.2 to 87.61 in Q1, lower than the mainland’s 104.3, but higher than Macau’s 85.41 points and Hong Kong’s 83.8, according to the results of the quarterly study, released Wednesday in Beijing.

The Taiwan index consists of eight indicators that reflect consumer confidence in the fields of stock investment, real estate procurement, durable goods procurement, employment, household savings, domestic economic conditions, economic growth and commodity prices.     [FULL  STORY]

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