Fancy a Helmet with that YouBike?

Would you miss the feeling of wind blowing through your hair as you cruise the streets of Taipei?

The News Lens
Date: 2017/05/11
By: Kuan Chen

Taiwan should require all cyclists to wear a helmet, according to an opposition

Photo Credit: Corbis/達志影像

legislator who today proposed a new law that could make it illegal to ride without a helmet.

Taiwan’s public bike sharing system, YouBike, is extremely popular with hundreds of thousands of people regularly using the system across the island-nation. According to the BBC, Taipei City alone saw 22 million rentals in 2014 and new rental stations continue to be rolled-out.

According to Storm Media, there were about 430 accidents on YouBike’s in 2016, implying an accident rate of one in every 100,000 rides.    [FULL  STORY]

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