Final ruling given on Lehua night market: permits must be withdrawn

The China Post
Date: November 28, 2015

TAIPEI — The Lehua night market (樂華夜市) in New Taipei’s populous Yonghe District might be closed after the Supreme Administrative Court ruled that the business permit for vendors — issued by the local government three years ago — must be withdrawn because the issuance procedure was flawed.

On Friday, the court turned down an appeal by an association of street vendors at the night market against a ruling by the Taipei High Administrative Court last July that the procedure of the issuance of the Vending Stand Zone Business Permit by the Economic Development Department (EDD) of the New Taipei city government to the association was flawed.

The High Administrative Court found that the issuance failed to meet the New Taipei Street Vendor Management Regulations, under which the applicant must have the agreement of over 60 percent of the owners of buildings along the streets where the vending stands will be situated, along with relevant data from the chief of the borough concerned.     [FULL  STORY]

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