Four more men arrested in Taiwan for having oral sex on train

Two youths were arrested for the same thing earlier this week

Gay Star News
Date:15 May 2015
By: Darren Wee

Four more men have been arrested in Taiwan for having oral sex on a train, Taiwan_Train_Blowjob_1days after two youths were arrested for the same thing.

The latest arrests come after a 29-second clip was posted online showing two of the men openly having oral sex in a train carriage during the day.

Taiwan Railway Administration reported the incident to police and said they may sue the men for yet unassessed amount.

Police were able to pinpoint the location of the train by an announcement that can be hear in the video and the scenery outside the windows.

By going through station CCTV, police found one of the men in the video, 34-year-old Pan from Pindong, who they identified by bright green sneakers.

Pan then told police the identities of the other two men involved: 32-year-old Wu from Kaohsiung and 47-year-old Huang, who filmed them on his phone.

Huang told police he
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