GoShare launches electric scooter sharing in Taiwan’s Yunlin County

New service will be focused on Douliu City, Huwei Township, and Dounan Township

Taiwan News
Date: 2020/10/12
By: Eric Chang, Taiwan News, Contributing Writer

Gogoro GoShare electric scooter (GoShare website photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — The Yunlin County Government and Gogoro’s GoShare have teamed up to launch the first electric scooter sharing service in the county.

After downloading the GoShare app, users will have 130 brand-new Gogoro electric scooters to choose from 24 hours a day, according to Zeek Magazine. The new service will be focused on three areas in Yunlin County: Douliu City, Huwei Township, and Dounan Township.

The plan is to utilize green transportation to connect colleges, public transportation hubs, and tourist attractions throughout Yunlin County. Planners hope the service will help people commute between the county’s three science and technology universities, in addition to the 40 public transportation hubs and historical and cultural sites in the area.

To use the service, customers must first upload their driver’s license and payment details to the GoShare app and then complete the authentication process with a facial recognition scan. Logging into the app, users can then view nearby GoShare scooters and then select the one they want.    [FULL  STORY]

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