KMT presidential hopeful Terry Gou slams President Tsai for taking his words out of context

Formosa News
Date: 2019/04/21

President Tsai Ing-wen and KMT presidential contender Terry Gou have been engaged in a war of words online. President Tsai’s recent criticism of Gou’s 2014 comment that “one cannot eat democracy” has prompted Gou to create an online poll on Facebook. Insisting that Tsai quoted him out of context, the infuriated tycoon asked netizens if they thought Tsai did this because she was, quote “stupid and naive or malicious and deliberate.” Today, Tsai hit back in a subsequent Facebook post, drawing attention to the plight of imprisoned dissidents and Xinjiang reeducation camps in China.

Terry Gou, the head of Hon Hai Precision Industry, seemed to be in a good mood as he wheeled his elderly mother around a park. But only yesterday the tycoon lashed out at President Tsai Ing-wen over her recent claim that Gou had once said “you cannot eat democracy.” An angry Gou insisted he had been quoted out of context and organized an online vote on Facebook asking netizens if Tsai had made an incorrect conclusion about him because she was stupid and naive or because she was deliberately being malicious.

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