Meet the woman behind the popularity of Long Feng Gua in Taiwan

The China Post
Date: Feb. 6, 2019
By: Wang Wei-Chi | 文/汪瑋琪 

TAIPEI (The China Post) – Long before the trend ever took off in Taiwan, 24-year-old Li Hsu-lun, also known as Dalun, was working hard in her own studio to popularize Long Feng Gua, the hand-stitched traditional Chinese wedding dress made by old Hong Kong masters.

At a time when Chinese wedding dresses were unpopular, and most people chose to wear white wedding gowns, Dalun faced insurmountable challenges at every step.

She was barely able to pay her rent before starting her business and was met with rejection when seeking partnerships until she met the blogger Weiwei. Popularity began to grow only after Weiwei launched the marketing and a subsequent celebrity effect soon followed.

When stepping into Dalun’s studio “Yuxi Long Feng Gua,” what catches the eye are the many elegant and intricately detailed hand-stitched Long Feng Gua displayed on the walls.    [FULL  STORY]

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