Sailors punished over bawdy video

Taipei Times
Date: Jun 17, 2019
By: Jason Pan  /  Staff reporter

Eight navy servicemen received major demerits after a video was circulated apparently showing one of them naked as he partied with hostesses at a KTV parlor in Kaohsiung, the Naval Fleet Command Headquarters said yesterday.

An investigation was launched last week after the video emerged, which allegedly showed a navy lieutenant surnamed Huang (黃), who was among a group of six servicemen at a dinner on a night off in January, after which they went to a private suite at a KTV parlor.

The video angered Admiral Huang Shu-kuang (黃曙光), commander of the Republic of China (ROC) Navy, Chinese-language reports said.

All eight received a major demerit, which could see them dismissed after the year-end evaluations.

The video, which was allegedly circulated among some naval units, showed men dancing and singing with what was apparently several female KTV employees dressed as maids.    [FULL  SORY]

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