Six extended public holidays for 2018

The China Post
Date: June 5, 2017

Taiwanese will receive 115 days off work in 2018, with six extended public holidays, the longest being the six-day Chinese New Year holiday, the Directorate-General of Personnel Administration said Monday.

The administration said the six extended public holidays are: Founding Day of the Republic of China for 2018 (three days), Chinese New Year (six days), Children’s Day and Tombsweeping Festival (five days), Dragon Boat Festival (three days), Mid-Autumn Festival (three days) and Founding Day of the Republic of China for 2019 (four days).

Officials indicated that whenever a public holiday falls on a Tuesday or Thursday, the administration will make arrangements to turn it into an extended holiday, with the previous Saturday used as an official work day.

For example, Tombsweeping Festival next year falls on Thursday, so the following day,    [FULL  STORY]

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