Six Makerspaces to Visit in Taipei

Good Eye Taipei’s recommendations for makerspaces to check out in Taipei.

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Date: 2017/05/27
By: TNL 編輯

What comes to mind when you hear the word “maker?” Programmers, engineers

Photo Credit: Good Eye Taipei

and entrepreneurial product developers? A broad description of the word is one who fabricates a physical thing from an idea, so those involved in carpentry, fixing and cooking are also makers.

As international maker communities continue to thrive and expand, they have inspired the development of makerspaces and maker events in Taipei; international organization Fablab has been gradually establishing various makerspaces in Taiwan, and the annual “Maker Faire Taipei” has made maker events more accessible.

Currently, Taipei’s maker communities and spaces are mostly software or hardware-oriented or focused on Arduino and 3D printing, and “Good Eye Taipei,” a new bilingual Taipei city guide, shares six of these spaces in the city.

Openlab. Taipei

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