Taipei adopts real-name system for cram schools

The China Post
Date: May 13, 2017
By: The China Post news staff

All cram school teachers in Taipei must be registered under their real names and be revealed on all forms of advertisement, the Taipei City Government’s Department of Education announced on Friday.

The announcement came two weeks after a young novelist’s suicide was linked to an alleged rape committed by her cram school teacher several years ago. Lawmakers tracked down the alleged abuser, and said that more of “his kind” were out there, urging law enforcement to mandate a real-name system in the cram school culture.

In an online statement issued on Friday, Taipei’s education department said that it has reached a consensus with the Taipei City Education Association (北市補教協會) that all cram school tutors must be registered with their real names in an online management platform and that their real names be revealed on advertising.

Given that having an alias is a common practice among cram school teachers, teachers will be allowed to place these aliases beside their real names, the statement read.    [FULL  STORY]

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