Taipei MRT moves English announcements to 2nd place

The China Post
Date: December 6, 2015
By: The China Post news staff

TAIPEI, Taiwan — Taipei’s metro system has decided to move English language announcements ahead of local dialects to facilitate the travel of foreign visitors, Taipei Rapid Transit Corp. (TRTC) said yesterday.

As part of the new order for local and foreign language announcements, the TRTC said it has decided to move English ahead of other Taiwanese dialects except Mandarin Chinese.

The adjustment, to officially take effect tomorrow, is meant to make it easier for foreign national visitors to travel in the metro system in Taiwan’s capital city, it said.

The new announcement order is as follows: Mandarin Chinese, English, Taiwanese and Hakka, according to the TRTC.

Previously, the announcement order was Mandarin Chinese, Taiwanese, Hakka and English.

The change was made following a proposal by Democratic Progressive Party city Councilor Wang Wei-chung (王威中), in November. Wang called for the change saying that putting the English version last could leave non-Chinese speakers with very little time to react if they want to alight from the train.     [FULL  STORY]

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