Taiwanese researchers announce world’s first blood test for Alzheimer’s disease

The China Post/Asia News Network
Date: Apr 03, 2015
By: Stephanie Chao

TAIPEI, Taiwan – National Taiwan Normal University Institute of Electro-optical Science and

Photo: Alzheimer's Disease Association

Photo: Alzheimer’s Disease Association

Technology researchers and National Taiwan University Hospital’s Neurology Department announced the creation of the world’s first blood test for Alzheimer’s disease yesterday at an academic symposium.

The research team made up of NTNU’s chair professor Hung Heng-e, associate professors Hsieh Chen-chieh and Liao Shu-hsien, NTUH Neurology Department Dr. Chiu Ming-chang and other researchers, used ImmuoMagnetic Reduction technology to create the blood test.     [FULL  STORY]

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