Tensions heat up between DPP, NPP

FRIEND OR ENEMY?Differing views over labor amendments have sparked questions about loyalty, with an NPP official saying the DPP was beginning to act like the KMT

Taipei Times
Date: Dec 09, 2016
By: Abraham Gerber / Staff reporter

Tensions appear to have intensified between Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) and New Power

New Power Party Executive Chairman Huang Kuo-chang, right, and caucus convener Hsu Yung-ming, second right, react to the passing of controversial amendments to the Labor Standards Act at a news conference in Taipei on Tuesday. Photo: CNA

Party (NPP) legislators after a DPP caucus official reportedly called for a review of the parties’ relationship following disputes over amendments to the Labor Standards Act (勞動基準法) that were passed on Tuesday.

“In the end our efforts [to halt amendments] were not enough, but we only owe an apology to workers, not the ruling party,” NPP Executive Chairman Huang Kuo-chang (黃國昌) said. “Over the past two days, I have seen actions that look similar to the way the Chinese Nationalist Party (KMT) used to treat the DPP, but I will not allow us [the NPP] to be reduced to a supporting escort for DPP legislation because of it.”

While the ruling party and the social movement-rooted NPP are viewed as allies in the “pan-green” political camp, tensions between the two parties emerged in July when NPP legislators occupied the convener’s podium of the Social Welfare and Environmental Hygiene Committee prior to a review of the proposed labor amendments.    [FULL  STORY]

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