Turning a Chinese classic into a look at the gay scene in Taiwan’s capital

The Story of the Stone gives a raw portrayal of Taipei’s LGBTI scene with a modern take on a classic Chinese love story

Gay Star News 
Date: 30 December 2018
By: Calum Stuart

The cast of The Story of the Stone | Photo courtesy of Portico Media

It’s a Happy New Year feast for the eyes with Taiwan’s recent addition to Asia’s leading LGBTI film streaming service.

The Story of the Stone is now available on LGBTI film streaming service, GagaOOLala.

The film offers a raw take on Taipei’s LGBTI scene, delving into a life of drug abuse and orgies.

Its unflinching treatment, complemented by the film’s cast of ‘twelve hunky beaus’, leaves ‘nothing to the imagination’, the film’s promoters promised in a press release.

The Story of the Stone is a modern adaptation of the iconic Chinese classic novel, Dream of the Red Chamber. Most fittingly, the story is now set in the Red House, at the heart of Taipei’s LGBTI scene.

Beneath the debauchery, though, lies a tale of loss, despair, and importantly, hope.

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