VIDEO: 1,200 people try to move 1,200-ton Pingtung temple

Radio Taiwan International
Date: 15 December, 2020
By: Shirley Lin

PIngtung County mobilizes 1,200 people to physically move a temple

PIngtung County mobilizes 1,200 people to physically move a temple[/caption] What happens when a newly renovated temple is found to be on illegal ground? The people who run the temple didn’t want to tear it down and rebuild it again. So  they decided to mobilize over a thousand people to physically move the building! 

The Fu-An Temple in Pingtung County has been around since the Japanese occupation period and it just got a facelift last year. But new urban planning left the temple in the middle of a three-way junction. The building had to be moved 40 meters to be safe. 

Residents in the area actually thought they could move the 1,200-ton building by mustering 1,200 people to move it physically. First, the structure had to be lifted 1.5 meters upward and then placed on rollers. Then construction workers had to place eight strong ropes under the building for people to hold on to and then pull the heavy structure over the rollers. All this work took one week to prepare.     [FULL  STORY]

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