WangKung firework festival (王功漁火節) is going to light up the sky

Eye On Taiwan
Date: June 24, 2016
Translated By: Erixon Chen

ZhangHua(彰化) county government had held a press conference on Thursday morning

Photo: WongKung fishing port. From MingKuWei facebook.

Photo: WongKung fishing port.
From MingKu Wei’s facebook page.

to announce that the WongKung fireworks festival will have a light show instead of a fireworks show as in former years.

The ZhangHua county governemnt magistrate Ming-Ku Wei(魏明谷) said that this year’s WangKung fireworks festival (王功漁火節) will be held on 2nd and 3rd, July. We used to hold a fireworks show on this festival but we have something different this year we added new elments. A light show will substitute for the fireworks show said Ming-Ku. I hope it will attract sightseers to come to WangKung.

WangKung fishing port(王功漁港) has a unique sunset view, when the setting Sun is going down the sunlight shining the coast, the coast became a golden coast. It’s very beautiful. Ming-Ku Wei said. We hope this festival will drive the Wang-Kung area development. People can go to Lu-Gang(鹿港) to see ancient monuments first, then go to Wong-kung fishing port to enjoy the sunset.

The ZhangHua country government said the following: We have arranged activities from morning to night on 2nd and 3rd of July. Activities such as a blessing carnival, a local food feast and a night ocean concert one will be held on each of the two days.

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