‘We quit!’: 22 Chang Gung doctors resign en masse

The China Post
Date: June 28, 2017
By: The China Post

Chang Gung Memorial Hospital confirmed Wednesday that 22 physicians at its Linkou branch had


tendered their resignations.

At a briefing earlier in the day, Vice Superintendent Wen Ming-shien (溫明賢) said the resignations “absolutely would not” affect the quality of the hospital’s emergency care.

By law, the emergency clinic at Linkou must have 41 physicians and it still has 58, he said.

Wen said that hospital administrators were working to keep the emergency room staff on board.

Unrest, Solidarity and Peer Pressure

The 22 attending physicians tendered their resignations mainly because two department heads were removed from their posts after violating hospital regulations, Wen said.

The abrupt change triggered feelings of unrest among the emergency clinic staff. That — along with feelings of solidarity and peer pressure — had catalyzed the wave of resignations, he said.

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