Yong-quan sports park (湧泉運動公園) is now open for wading

Eye On Taiwan
Date: June 19, 2016
Translated By: Erixon Chen

Summer is coming, The Taitung Yong-quan sports park(湧泉運動公園) has been renovated and is

The sunshade covering the large pool reduces sunburn and algae growth.

The sunshade covering the large pool reduces sunburn and algae growth.

now open for the public to use. It’s free until 15th, Sep.. It also provides shower rooms for everyone to use.

Yong-quan sports park is next to the Taitung seashore park(海濱公園). The water pools in the park are from a natural spring. The spring has been there since the Japanese colonial period. Because the water is from the ground and the water outlet is direct to the ocean, it’s warm in Winter and cold in Summer. you can see some fish and shrimp swimming in the pool as well. It’s a special and unique attraction.

Yong-quan sports park had been experiencing a deficit and difficulty in finding a management group from non-governmental circles. Also, the water quality didn’t meet the sanitation standard. The Taitung city government decided to renovate the pools and now it has reopened. It has large and small natural spring pools. A sunshade covers the large pool to prevent the sunlight from hitting the water and people directly. It also reduces algae growth.

It is open from 17th June until 15th September between the hours of 5 am and 6 pm on every Tue , Wed, Friday, Saturday and Sunday. It is closed Monday and Thursday. People have to wear a swimming suit and swimming cap to use the pools. No pets, throwing stones, chasing or running is allowed.

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