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Sun Star Baguio
Date: July 21, 2018

AIRASIA Taipei flights from Clark International Airport opened the gateway for the Northern Philippines to enjoy the hidden wonders of Taiwan.

The first flight from Clark to Taipei was launched July 12 with pilot in command and AirAsia Philippines chief executive officer, Captain Dexter Comendador flying guests to the Taoyuan International Airport.

Comendador described the inaugural flight as a return of AirAsia to international skies with Clark as a base reaffirming the commitment to easy access for travelers in the Central and Northern Luzon area.    [FULL  STORY]

Taiwan builds shelters for conflict victims in Southern Philippines

400 families in Marawi will move into the housing units

Taiwan News 
Date: 2018/07/21
By: Matthew Strong, Taiwan News, Staff Writer

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – Taiwan on Saturday started building 400 housing units for

Taiwan breaks ground on 400 housing units in Marawi Saturday. (By Central News Agency)

the victims of last year’s Marawi conflict on the southern Philippines island of Mindanao.

Fighting between the government’s armed forces and an Islamist movement for the control of the city of Marawi lasted five months, and more than 300,000 residents were displaced by the conflict.

In January, Taiwan collected and sent 10,780 tons of rice to the southern region, the Central News Agency reported.

The latest effort features close cooperation between the Taiwanese government and the country’s Buddhist Compassion Relief Tzu Chi Foundation, while supervision by the Philippines government will ensure that the project is completed on time to allow 400 families to resume a normal life.    [FULL  STORY]

Over 50% of Taiwan workers worried about losing jobs to AI: poll

Focus Taiwan
Date: 2018/07/21
By: Chiu Po-sheng and Frances Huang

Taipei, July 21 (CNA) More than 50 percent of employees in Taiwan are concerned about losing their jobs as a result of the development of artificial intelligence technology, according to a survey by 1111 job bank.

The poll showed that about 51.19 percent of Taiwan workers are worried about being replaced by robots in an AI era, particularly in the fields of education and trade/logistics.

Among those who have such concerns, 42.06 percent think that because of their age, they would have difficulty finding a new employment if they lose their jobs as result of AI, according to the poll, which showed that such fears are most prevalent among employees in the 45-50 age group.

Only about 7.71 percent of employees in Taiwan have taken steps to upgrade their skills in an effort to adapt to a growing trend of AI applications in the workplace, the survey found.    [FULL  STORY]

Fighter jet skids off runway in Tainan; no injuries: Air Force

Focus Taiwan
Date: 2018/07/21
By: Liu Lee-jung and Hsu Hsiao-ling

Taipei, July 21 (CNA) One of Taiwan’s Indigenous Defense Fighter (IDF) jets

CNA file photo

slewed off the runway when its brakes failed during a landing at the Tainan air base on Saturday but no one was injured, according to a statement from the Air Force Command Headquarters.

The incident occurred at 9:38 a.m. when the jet fighter was returning from a routine mission, the Air Force said.

It said the aircraft’s brakes failed when it touched down and it skidded off the runway, suffering a blowout of a tire on the left side.

However, the pilot observed standard emergency procedures and neither he nor anyone else on board the IDF was injured and the plane was only slightly damaged, the Air Force said.    [FULL  STORY]

New budget to increase defense by 2.17%: sources

FISCAL 2019:Social welfare is to be the top expenditure, while defense spending is to increase, but not the 3% of GDP promised by President Tsai Ing-wen, sources said

Taipei Times
Date: Jul 22, 2018
By: Lee Hsin-fang and Jake Chung  /  Staff reporters, with staff writer

The Executive Yuan’s annual expenditure for fiscal 2019 is expected to total NT$2

Directorate-General of Budget, Accounting and Statistics Minister Chu Tzer-ming speaks at a meeting of the legislature’s Finance Committee in Taipei on March 29.  Photo: Wang Yi-sung, Taipei Times

trillion (US$65.11 billion), with national defense spending increasing by 2.17 percent, or NT$7.1 billion, compared with fiscal 2018, sources said.

However, despite the increase, total defense spending will not reach President Tsai Ing-wen’s (蔡英文) promised 3 percent of national GDP, they said.

Current defense spending is less than 2 percent of GDP, although funding for plans to build domestic missile attack boats and purchase M1A2 Abrams main battle tanks could be included, Directorate-General of Budget, Accounting and Statistics Minister Chu Tzer-ming (朱澤民) said.

Tsai expects a gradual increase in national defense spending that is not lower than an average of the past three years’ total defense spending, Chu said.

Feature: Taiwan bookstore bets on detective books to revive business

Date: 2018-07-21
By: Xinhua

TAIPEI, July 21 (Xinhua) — A human skeleton hangs on the wall above a creepy plastic baby head. A smiling female doll stares down at the customers from a high shelf. A gramophone blasts out eerie music amid the silence.

In Tommy Tan’s “Murder Ink” bookstore, everything exudes a dark, mysterious vibe. The bookstore is located in a quiet alley in downtown Taipei and is one of the few bookstores in Taiwan focusing mainly on detective novels.

“I launched the bookstore because I wanted to help the detective genre take root in Taiwan,” said Tan, 47. “I have always loved detective books, and it makes my life more meaningful if people can share the joy of literature with me.”

Tan said he hoped that establishing a bookstore could help enrich people’s lives.

Pharmaceutical R&D breakthroughs recognized

Radio Taiwan International
Date: 2018-07-20

The government has given awards to the top R&D breakthroughs in the field of pharmaceutical research.

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the Industrial Development Bureau co-hosted the Pharmaceutical Technology Research and Development Award on Friday. The awards have been in existence for 17 years. They honor technological achievements by local pharmaceutical companies.
Nine companies were recognized this year. Awards included a successful improvement to the flu vaccine by Adimmune, and a new patent from Chunghwa Chemical Synthesis & Biotech that reduces the cost of multiple drugs.

An FDA official said Taiwan’s pharmaceutical companies possess world-class R&D capability and the government will continue to help them shine on the world stage in the future    [FULL  STORY]

Taiwan News: CPC Scolded for Leak, Power Consumption Breaks July Record

Your daily bulletin of Taiwan news, courtesy of ICRT.

Taiwan News: CPC Scolded for Leak, Power Consumption Breaks July Record
The News Lens
Date: 2018/07/20

Photo Credit: Reuters / TPG

Economics Minister Shen Jong-chin (沈榮津) is demanding CPC Corp., Taiwan’s state-owned refiner, take action after reports surfaced that over 60 cubic meters of gasoline leaked from from an oil tank at the Huxi Oil Depot on Penghu – polluting about a hectare of land.

According to Chen, CPC has been instructed to submit a review about the leak within a week and name the two employees who were disciplined over the incident.

The minister said the company has also been asked to review all operational processes and introduce intelligent measurement control systems, to replace the manual measurement of oil.

The oil leak at the depot in Penghu occurred in June last year.    [FULL  STORY]

2019 Taipei Game Show open for registration

The 2019 event is expected to include the biggest independent gaming event in Asia

Taiwan News 
Date: 2018/07/20
By: Scott Morgan, Taiwan News, Staff Writer

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – The 2019 Taipei Game Show opened for registration on

2018 Taipei Game Show. (Image courtesy of Taipei Game Show Facebook)

July 10, and has already secured an internationally renowned international video game developer.

The 2019 Taipei Game Show is expected to be the biggest ever, with a large showing from independent and large developers from both Taiwan and abroad.

Last year’s event was the biggest independent gaming event in Asia and showcased 175 local and international independent video game companies. It is expected that next year’s event will have even more, according to the Liberty Times.

The Taipei Game Show has three components, the Asia Pacific Game Summit, B2B Zone and B2C Zone. The Asia Pacific Game Summit is an event to bring together developers from the region, and to promote and share experiences.

Cellist C.C. Chang breaks wrist, to undergo operation

Focus Taiwan
Date: 2018/07/20
By: Zoe Wei and Flor Wang

Taipei, July 20 (CNA) Renowned cellist C.C. Chang (張正傑) broke his wrist while holidaying in Vienna, Austria, and will undergo an operation at a local hospital soon, Chang confirmed to CNA Friday.

Chang, who is in Vienna on summer vacation, said the accident occurred Thursday when he ran into a pothole when cycling along the Danube River, breaking his left wrist.

The 57-year-old said he is not sure whether the injury will affect his ability to play the cello, but the doctor told him his wrist will be in plaster for four weeks.

“I really hope to play the cello again,” he told CNA, noting that he is scheduled to hold a concert for wheelchair-bound fans in Taiwan in September. “I’m keen to play for them as it will be the seventh year in a row.”     [FULL  STORY]