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Artist who made famous work on trans man murder 20 years ago will represent Taiwan at Venice Biennale

Cheang Shu Lea, the 64-year-old artist who made the 2001 ‘sci-fi porn’ film I. K. U, will use the world’s biggest art show to revisit themes from her groundbreaking piece ‘Brandon’

South China Morning Post 
Date: 21 July, 2018
By: Enid Tsui

Cheang Shu Lea’s Brandon (1998-99) was a groundbreaking piece of early internet multimedia art that took a maverick approach to exploring the 1993 rape and murder of Brandon Teena, the young American transgender man who was the subject of the 1999 film Boys Don’t Cry.

When the Guggenheim museum restored the work in April last year, it kept all of its period features such as its text-heavy, MS-DOS-style interfaces, visible frames, limited interactivity and first-generation morphing GIFs.

Venice Biennale using fake Chinese curse called ‘schoolyard racism’
The old-school look – an aberration in this age of slick web templates – enhances, not diminishes, the work’s transgressive appeal. Its rabbit hole of chance encounters, Gothic horror, 1990s BDSM imagery and that greatest symbol of personal freedom – the American road trip – is as irresistible now as it was when it was created.

But what would Brandon look like if Cheang had made it today, with issues of sexuality and the public invasion of private space more relevant than ever?

Ultra Taiwan makes debut with two-day EDM music event

Taiwan’s big-scale EDM music event will take place at Taipei Dajia Ultra Park on Sept. 8-9   

Taiwan News 
Date: 2018/07/21
By: Alicia Nguyen, Taiwan News, Staff Writer

(By Wikimedia Commons)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – One of the most exciting electronic music events, Road to ULTRA will now upgrade as ULTRA Taiwan with an extensive two-day festival taking place at Taipei Dajia Ultra Park in September.

After four years hosting Road to Ultra events in Taiwan, Ultra Music Festival will hold a more impressive edition to celebrate its fifth anniversary which will be held at Taipei’s Dajia Riverside Park. This year, Ultra Taiwan will debut a multi-stage event RESISTANCE Taipei and the classic Road to Ultra on two separated consecutive dates on September 8 and 9.

Ultra Taiwan will bring a mesmerizing music event of the massive stage, awe-inspiring audio, world-class visuals with lighting, cryogenic and pyrotechnics. Though line-up for the newly announced festival has not been revealed yet, the past memories of several EDM headliners such as Martin Garrix, The Chainsmokers, Zedd and Above & Beyond in the previous events will attract numerous festival goers to look forward in this year’s event.

According to Music Essentials, 2018 ULTRA Taiwan’s expansion will see well over 25,000 of attendants flock to the Keelung River for yet another year of unforgettable performances following 2017’s sold out Road to Ultra event.

Four NT$10 million lottery prizes remain unclaimed: finance ministry

Focus Taiwan
Date: 2018/07/21
By: Chu Che-wei and Ko Lin

Taipei, July 21 (CNA) Four winning invoices in the uniform lottery for the March-April period, valued at NT$10 million (US$328,407) each, have not yet been claimed, the Ministry of Finance (MOF) said Saturday, urging the winners to claim their prizes before the Sept. 5 deadline.

The four invoices, issued in March and April, all bear the winning number 12342126, the ministry said.

The receipts were issued at a bakery in Taipei’s Da’an District, a Carrefour store in Taoyuan’s Chungli District, a hardware store in Chiayi County’s Hsingang Township, and a store in Kaohsiung’s Nanzih District, according to the ministry.

It said there were also three outstanding receipts with the number 80740977, which carries a NT$2 million prize each.    [FULL  STORY]

Academics urge action on PRC airlines

CROSSING THE LINE: If Beijing’s actions go unchecked, its next target could be travel documents or how Taiwan is referred to at international airports, one professor said

Taipei Times
Date: Jul 22, 2018
By: Chung Li-hua and Sherry Hsiao  /  Staff reporter, with staff writer

Academics urged the government to take countermeasures against Chinese airlines, as the deadline for China’s request that 44 foreign airlines list Taiwan as a Chinese territory is on Wednesday.

Thirty-eight airlines have reportedly already made the changes.

Six airlines are still applying for an extension, the Civil Aviation Administration of China said on Friday.

As of press time yesterday evening, Delta Air Lines, United Airlines and American Airlines have kept Taiwan and China as separate listings on their Web sites, while Korean Air and Asiana Airlines refer to destinations by their cities and airports.

Face challenges of digital era together: Tsai

Radio Taiwan International
Date: 2018-07-20

President Tsai Ing-wen says Taiwan will work with other countries to face

President Tsai Ing-wen met with the former president of Estonia Toomas Hendrik Ilves on Friday. (CNA photo)

challenges in the digital era. Tsai was speaking Friday while meeting with the former president of Estonia Toomas Hendrik Ilves.

Ilves, along with Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales and others, are in Taiwan to attend the Digital Innovation Forum 2018. The forum opened in Taipei on Thursday and is supported by the APEC Business Advisory Council (ABAC) .

Tsai said APEC economies are considering mapping out a post-2020 vision for the Asia-Pacific region. She she believes the forum will offer important direction.

“The series of international exchanges represents Taiwan’s efforts and determination. Our expectation for ourselves is that [Taiwan] will be at the forefront of the digital era so the world can see our development. We also look forward to strengthening exchanges with other countries to jointly face challenges in the digital era. In the future, Taiwan will continue deepening cooperation with APEC economies, work hard to turn the digital divide into digital opportunities, and promote the prosperity and development of the digital economy in the Asia-Pacific region,” said Tsai.

Tsai also said Taiwan hopes to conduct more exchanges with Estonia, considered one of the world’s most digitally savvy countries.    [SOURCE]

China vs. Taiwan: Would Beijing Ever Invade?

What would happen? 

The National Interest

Date: July 20, 2018  
By: J. Michael Cole

To ensure peace and stability in the Taiwan Strait, Taipei must do a lot more to signal to Beijing that force will be met with force, and that adventurism in the grey zone will not only be costly, but unwinnable. This could be bolstered by closer U.S.-Taiwanese military cooperation. Such efforts, combined with a propaganda campaign by Taipei that seeks to boost morale and reaffirms its will to fight, should be sufficient to deter the PLA from launching limited (and potentially counterproductive) attacks. For its part, the United States must substitute clarity for ambiguity, and leave no doubt that an attack on Taiwan will prompt a U.S. response, regardless of whether U.S. forces are directly attacked in an initial phase. Greater clarity on Tokyo’s part would also go a long way in convincing Beijing that it could not get away with military aggression.

Beyond doubt, relations across the Taiwan Strait have improved substantially since 2008—so much so that some analysts have concluded that the course of the Taiwan “issue” will continue unimpeded and inexorably towards even greater stability, if not “reunification.” But this is all wishful thinking.    [FULL  STORY]


Taiwan’s offshore islands of Kinmen and Matsu see increased travel volume

Taiwan News  
Date: 2018/07/20
By:  Central News Agency

Tourism to Kinmen and Matsu is doing well. (By Central News Agency)

The travel volume between Taiwan’s offshore islands of Kinmen and Matsu via the three mini-links with China in the first half of this year has grown year-on-year, the Maritime Port Bureau said Friday.

In a statement, the bureau said the number of passengers traveling from China’s Fujian Province to Kinmen and Matsu and vice versa in the first six months of this year reached 910,000, up by 36,000 over the same period of 2017.

Last year, passenger volume between China and the two islands totaled 1.81 million, a record number since the three mini-links was introduced in 2001.

The two airports and harbors of Beigan and Nangan islands of Matsu in Lienchiang County, as well as the transport facilities on Kinmen, are collectively referred to as Taiwan’s “three mini-links” with China.    [FULL  STORY]

New Kiribati envoy presents credentials to Taiwan’s president

Focus Taiwan
Date: 2018/07/20
By: Lu Hsin-hui and Flor Wang

Taipei, July 20 (CNA) New Kiribati Ambassador to the Republic of China Tessie

President Tsai Ing-wen (蔡英文, right) and Tessie Eria Lambourne.

Eria Lambourne presented her credentials to President Tsai Ing-wen (蔡英文) at the Presidential Office Friday.

Hailing Lambourne as a long-time good friend of Taiwan, Tsai welcomed Lambourne to her new post in Taiwan and expressed hope that she will help deepen mutually beneficial ties in the fields of medical care, agriculture, clean energy, talent training and infrastructure.

Taiwan and Kiribati have maintained diplomatic ties for 15 years and the two countries have engaged in more than 100 cooperative ventures.

As Lambourne is concurrently serving as Kiribati’s ambassador to Japan and South Korea, Tsai said that this is an indication that the Pacific Island nation pays great significance to its relations with Taiwan.     [FULL  STORY]

New Party accuses KMT of ditching Ma Ying-jeou

Taipei Times
Date:  Jul 21, 2018 
By: Stacy Hsu  /  Staff reporter

The New Party yesterday expressed support for former president Ma Ying-jeou (馬

From left to right, New Party youth wing members Hou Han-ting, Wang Ping-chung, Lin Ming-cheng and an unidentified man attend a news conference in Taipei yesterday to show their support for former president Ma Ying-jeou.  Photo: Chien Jung-fong, Taipei Times

英九), accusing the Chinese Nationalist Party (KMT) of distancing itself from the former KMT chairman after his most recent indictment.

The New Party is a KMT spin-off established in 1993 that advocates unification with China. It does not hold any legislative seats.

New Party spokesman Wang Ping-chung (王炳忠) said that at a time when the Democratic Progressive Party administration is using the judiciary to oppress Ma, scarcely anyone from the KMT has spoken out against political persecution.

“You [KMT members] enjoyed the largest share of the KMT’s resources in the past, but now you are hiding to avoid taking responsibility,” Wang told a news conference yesterday, adding that the KMT has apparently degenerated into the “Taiwanese Nationalist Party.”    [FULL  STORY]

Yang Yun-Hsuan made history as 1st ever AH-64E female pilot

Radio Taiwan International
Date: 2018-07-19

Taiwan saw history this week with the first ever Taiwanese female pilot of the AH-64E attack helicopter. Yang Yun-Hsuan made an appearance during a combat drill on Tuesday.

Five AH-64E attack helicopters quickly break formation and rise in the air. The helicopters showcase their high level maneuverability by completing a series of moves with ease, including sharp turns and tumbling in mid-air.

The American-made AH-64E “Apache” is the most advanced attack helicopter in the world. It is equipped with a cutting-edge radar system and many air-to-ground weapons.    [FULL  STORY]