China buying Taiwanese phone and PC displays in latest shift from US

Boost for Taiwan tech firms as Chinese buyers shun products made-in-America and order more display panels to make smartphones, notebook PCs and television sets

Date: Dec 06, 2020
By: Ralph Jennings

​A Taiwanese teenager follows the US presidential election on his computer on 6 November 2020. The island has seen a pickup in recent weeks with buyers from the mainland shunning items made in the US and purchasing more display panels for smartphones, notebook PCs and TV sets from Taiwan instead. Photo by Ceng Shou Yi/NurPhoto via AFP.

(ATF) Taiwan, a global hub for high-tech hardware manufacturing, has already become a refuge from the Sino-US trade dispute and a new place for Chinese buyers to source semiconductors as Beijing and Washington spar over access to US technology.

Now China is giving Taiwanese tech firms another boost as they shun made-in-America: a run on orders for display panels to make smartphones, notebook PCs and television sets.

In October, companies in China placed 68.5% of the $2.27 billion in total orders for a Taiwan export category headlined by displays, Taiwanese government data show. China’s orders for the month went up 15.8% compared to October a year ago so they could manufacture devices for telework worldwide.

Chinese electronics builders had been ordering from Taiwan for years and gotten their parts as well from Samsung Display and BOE, which is based in Beijing. Chinese smart-phone giants and Taiwanese manufacturers with China factories are among the takers.    [FULL  STORY]

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