Minhyun (Nu’est) surprisingly teases cover of popular Taiwanese drama OST

Date: 2020. 07. 25

Minhyun (Nu’est) prepared a surprising gift for fans.

​On the evening of July 24, Minhyun drew a rapturous response from fans when posting a teaser image on Nu'est's official SNS channel with the information of publishing a cover for the OST "Miss You 3000" of the Taiwanese drama "Someday Or One Day".

​In the photo, Minhyun is wearing a school uniform while holding an umbrella and staring straight ahead in a humid scene filled with the typical atmosphere of a rainy day. This image reminds viewers of scenes of a youth drama, at the same time boasting Minhyun's unique charm.

​In addition, the numbers representing Minhyun's birthday "950809" printed on the uniform quickly attracted attention and caused viewers to make various speculations about its meaning.

​In particular, this full cover version was thanks to Korean and international audiences' explosive reactions and constant requests after listening to Minhyun singing live a part of the song on Taiwan media. After that, the male idol expressed his wish, "I really like the song right the first time listening to it. Therefore, I always want to perform a full version if I have a chance. It's really great if it comes true," thereby making the cover more meaningful.    [FULL  STORY]

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