Scam alert! Think twice if your village chief hits you up for NT$60,000 on Line

The China Post
Date: July 4, 2017
By: The China Post

Last weekend, one man received text messages from several village chiefs who each asked to

Supplied by Chiang Chun-ting

borrow NT$60,000, local media reported.

Chiang Chun-ting (江俊霆), chief of New Taipei City’s Department of Civil Affairs, said he received texts on the messaging app Line from village chiefs whose accounts had obviously been hacked.

After the scammers failed at getting Chiang to loan them money, they even tried to get his phone number so they could hack his Line account, according to the United Daily News.

Calling the scam ring “ridiculous,” Chiang posted screenshots of his conversations with the purported village chiefs to the social media site Facebook.


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