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Ma: we don’t need nuclear subs

Taiwan News
Date: 2015-08-23
By: Ko Lin, Taiwan News, Staff Writer

Despite the Navy’s repeated call to replace its current fleet of antiquated World War II

Ma: we don't need nuclear subs. Central News Agency

Ma: we don’t need nuclear subs. Central News Agency

leftovers, President Ma Ying-jeou however said the nation does not need state-of-the-art nuclear subs, but rather diesel-electric submarines as Taiwan’s sea space is fairly restricted.

Ma’s comments came during a Sunday visit to a domestic propeller plant in Pingtung County, where he was guided by Cheng Cheng-yi, president of Hung Shen Propeller Co., Ltd., for a tour of his factory ground.

The visiting delegation also included Premier Mao Chi-kuo, Minister of Economic Affairs John Deng, Kuomintang Secretary-General Tseng Yung-chuan, and officials from the Executive Yuan.

During the guided tour, Cheng told Ma that the nation’s precision machinery industry is facing a serious shortage of skilled engineers, and that in order to expand their businesses to international markets, similar firms have eventually moved their production to China.     [FULL  STORY]