Taiwan News: Six Arrested for Alleged Tech Leaks to China, Nauru Leader Visits

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Date: 2019/01/08
By: TNL Daily News

Credit: Reuters / Christian Hartmann

Six arrested for alleged tech leaks to Chinese company
Six current and former engineers of German chemical maker BASF SE have been arrested by Taiwanese police for allegedly leaking company technology to Chinese rival Jiangyin Jianghua Microelectronics Materials Co., Taiwan’s Criminal Investigation Bureau said Monday.

Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co. (TSMC), which is the world’s largest independent chipmaker, denied reports that some of its confidential information may have been leaked to Jianghua by employees of BASF, according to CNA. TSMC is one of BASF Taiwan’s clients.

Criminal Investigation Bureau official Lu Sung-hao (呂松浩) said on Monday Jianghua allegedly offered direct payment for BASF technology, including 40 million RMB (about NT$200 million or US$5.8 million) for assistance building a factory in eastern China’s Jiangsu province.

It is an especially elaborate case of alleged intellectual property theft, which the U.S. and Taiwan frequently accuse Chinese companies of engaging in despite repeated Chinese denials, according to Bloomberg.    [FULL  STORY]

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