14 rare dolphins wash up on shore of Kaohsiung beach

Radio Taiwan International 
Date: 26 April, 2019
By: Natalie Tso

The coast guard tried to save rare dolphins that washed ashore Thursday night (Coast Guard Agency photo)

Some rare dolphins washed up on the shores of Kaohsiung’s Qilin beach Thursday night. The Coast Guard tried to save the surprise visitors in their time of need.

Six rare dolphins called pygmy killer whales washed up on Kaohsiung’s Qilin beach Thursday night.  The coast guard came in to take care of  them, covering one with a wet cloth and using ocean water to keep it wet. The coast guard did its best to try to save them but one died on Thursday night.

Half a day later early Friday, eight more washed up on the same beach. Two of them died and five were put back in the ocean. One was sent to National Cheng Kung University for treatment.  Cheng Kung University Professor Wang Jian Ping said that it has been gaining strength and recovering after coming to their pool.

Dolphins travel in schools and are close to one another. If one of them gets lost, it affects the whole group.  Professor Wang said one probably got hurt or died and the rest felt sad and followed it.     [FULL  STORY]

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