39 Bali-based fraud suspects repatriated to Taiwan

Focus Taiwan
Date: 2015/04/12
By: Yiu Kai-hsiang and Evelyn Kao

Taipei, April 12 (CNA) Police have arrested 39 suspects as part of a crackdown jointly 201504120023t0001launched by authorities in Taiwan, mainland China and Indonesia on a cross-border fraud ring based on Bali Island.

These suspects, including five Chinese nationals, were sent back to Taiwan aboard two flights late Sunday, according to the Criminal Investigation Division of the Taipei City Police Department.

Police in the three countries have uncovered a ring of Taiwanese con men who allegedly pretended to be from the Chinese government and a Chinese bank and asked victims to remit money to certain bank accounts under the pretext that their credit card information was stolen and they have to transfer funds to these accounts to help with the investigation.     [FULL  STORY]

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