5 Ways the US and Taiwan Can Strengthen Ties and Check China in 2019

The time is now for the US to recalibrate its China policy to support Taiwan and adapt to a changing Asia-Pacific security climate, writes Kent Wang.

The News Lens
Date: 2019/01/16
By: Kent Wang

Credit: Reuters / Stephen Lam

As the 116th U.S. Congress begins its work in earnest, it will be critical for members to examine the current state of U.S.-Taiwan Relations and the many opportunities that this administration can take.

The situation in the Taiwan Strait is treacherous, and the United States has a large interest in helping Taiwan because of its strategic position in the island chain bracketing China’s east coast. By increasing the deterrent value of Taiwan’s defenses and those of our other allies in the region, the United States and Taiwan can help deny China the opportunity to accomplish its goal by threat or by force.

The year 2019 presents not just challenges, but opportunities for improved U.S.-Taiwan relations. Here are five paths towards strengthening U.S.-Taiwan ties that the new U.S. Congress and the administration of President Donald Trump should consider going into the new year.    [FULL  STORY]

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