50 percent of road races have illegal refund policies: watchdog report

The China Post
Date: February 25, 2017
By: By Sun Hsin Hsuan

More and more Taiwanese have participated in pedestrian road races in recent years, but more than 50 percent of these races do not follow the law when it comes to issuing refunds, the Consumers’ Foundation said Friday.

The watchdog group said it examined the refund policies of 16 road races coming up in March and April, and found that a striking 56 percent either did not have a refund policy or explicitly stated there would be no refund for any reason after registration.

“This clearly violates the law,” said the foundation’s chairman, Yu Kai-hsiung (游開雄), citing regulations promulgated by the Sports Administration last November stipulating that road run organizers must clarify their refund policies to runners prior to registration.

They include commercial events like PUMA Nightrun (PUMA螢光夜跑) and events held by local governments such as the Kinmen Marathon (魅力金門-金寧觀光半程馬拉松) and the Taoyuan Luzhu Coastline National Marathon (桃園市蘆竹濱海全國馬拉松).

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