5,000 police to oversee safety at Taipei Universiade

Radio Taiwan International
Dqate: 2017-07-16

With just a little over one month remaining before Taipei plays host to the 2017

Police conduct an anti-terrorism simulation ahead of the 2017 Taipei Universiade. Some 5,000 police officers will be mobilized for the games. (CNA photo)

Universiade, authorities are gearing up to mobilize some 5,000 police officers to maintain public safety.

The Taipei police force is tasked with overseeing safety at the games. It says that police will be stationed at the athletes’ village in Linkou, as well as at all of the venues for the games. The security team will draw from police departments throughout northern Taiwan, providing about 2,000 officers at both the opening and closing ceremonies. Another 3,000 officers will fill rotating shifts each day for the duration of the games.

Police presence will also be bumped up at popular tourist areas and crowded districts while the games are under way between August 19 and August 30.  [FULL  STORY]

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