A bridge to the past in Taiwan: Guanxi, quiet retreat of century-old town houses, tea, and Hakka food

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Date: 04 August 2019

South China Morning Post
The Dong An Bridge over the Niulan River in Guanxi Township, a quiet riverside retreat in Taiwan two hours from Taipei.

GUANXI (Taiwan) — Guanxi Township is easy to miss. A lot of people pass it on the way to the nearby Leofoo Village Theme Park, famous around Taiwan for its zoo and rides, or to the Window on China theme park of miniature-scale Chinese landmarks.

The town of about 30,000 people lacks a railway station, which would make visiting it easier; long-distance buses run erratically; there are no chain hotels; and there is little parking for tour buses.

As a result, it has received fewer than 700,000 visitors in the past five years, whereas the nearby historic town of Neiwan, which is served by rail and is more commercial, gets more than two million a year.

Visitors who do reach the town, in the hills of Hsinchu County southwest of the island’s capital city, Taipei, will find quiet, rural scenery, unique local food, unusual types of tea and a museum tour they’d be hard pressed to get anywhere else.    [FULL  STORY]

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