A cloud of toxic chemicals is drifting toward Kaohsiung [VIDEO]

The China Post
Date: July 5, 2017
By: The China Post


A plastic pallet factory burns in Pingtung

TAIPEI, Taiwan — A fire at a plastics factory sent toxic black smoke churning up into the air over Pingtung’s Wandan Township earlier Wednesday.
The blaze at Fenq-Ronq Enterprise Co. (鳳榮塑膠棧板製造廠), which makes plastic pallets, was reported at 7 a.m. and extinguished around 8:15 a.m.

Even after the fire had been put out, pallets and plastic parts stacked up in the 1,500-ping facility continued to smolder.

Pingtung’s Environment Protection Bureau is warning the public to clear out from the area, because burning plastic releases dioxins and other harmful chemicals into the air.

Currently the toxic cloud is headed north, entering parts of Pingtung including Jiuru (九如), Ligang (里港) as well as Kaohsiung’s Dashu (大樹) and Daliao (大寮).

Dioxins are a known carcinogen that can also cause reproductive problems, harm the immune system and interfere with hormones.    [SOURCE]


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