A peace treaty is not an urgent project

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Date: 2016/11/03
By: Taiwan News, Staff Writer

The Kuomintang’s first female leader attracted more than her share of attention Tuesday by meeting

By Central News Agency

By Central News Agency

with one of the most powerful men on earth, China’s President and Communist Party chief Xi Jinping.

As usual with such meetings, there was plenty of attention for the vocabulary that would be spoken by either side. The 1992 Consensus, One China, the Republic of China, cross-straits relations, Taiwan Independence and other clichés present when Taiwanese and Chinese politicians sit down together.

A new element to the mix this year was the term “peace treaty.” It was former President Ma Ying-jeou who first briefly broached the term during his 2012 campaign for re-election. Briefly, because he abandoned it after overwhelming negative reactions from the public.

That was no problem for Hung Hsiu-chu, who first tried to run for president last year and later converted her replacement into a successful bid for party leader. All along, she has projected a strong China-leaning image, even more so than Ma, whose trade deals with Beijing were for a large part responsible for the KMT’s crushing defeat in this year’s January 16 elections.    [FULL  STORY]

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