Aboriginal group tracking Tsai’s promises

Taipei Times
Date: Aug 04, 2017
By: Abraham Gerber / Staff reporter

President Tsai Ing-wen (蔡英文) still has a long way to go before she fully realizes her

Members of the Indigenous Youth Front pose at a news conference in Taipei to announce the launch of the group’s new Web site, the Aboriginal Policy Monitoring Platform. Photo: Liu Hsin-de, Taipei Times

campaign promises, Aboriginal rights advocates said yesterday, announcing the establishment of an online platform to track the government’s progress in fulfilling its pledges.

“We feel that a big picture perspective has been missing in most discussions of Aboriginal rights, and that has created space for the government to ignore the main issues, while using minor benefits as evidence of its accomplishments,” said Kai, a Paiwan member of the Indigenous Youth Front. “We hope that this platform can cut through pretty slogans to make the monitoring of government policy and progress more transparent.”

The group’s online Aboriginal Policy Monitoring Platform features a clock counting down the remaining days of Tsai’s presidential term and tracks progress on 37 election promises, the majority of which it described as “in planning” or “just beginning to move forward.”    [FULL  STORY]

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