Advocates urge remodel of Losheng Sanatorium

UNSIGHTLY:It is unlikely that a cultural park at the complex would attract many visitors unless a platform to its entrance is reconstructed, advocates for the site said

Taipei Times
Date: Apr 16, 2017
By: Abraham Gerber / Staff reporter

Human rights advocates and residents of the Losheng (Happy Life) Sanatorium held a protest outside the Executive Yuan yesterday, calling for the Cabinet to allocate funds to rebuild the sanatorium’s entranceway, and to right past injustices as it seeks passage of its Forward-looking Infrastructure Construction Project.

The complex — built in the 1930s in New Taipei City’s Sinjhuang District (新莊) — was the nation’s first sanatorium for people with Hansen’s disease.

The Taipei City Department of Rapid Transit Systems’ (DORTS) decision to use the complex as a maintenance depot during the construction of the Xinzhuang MRT line eventually led to its partial demolition.

The Ministry of Cultural Affairs has since designated the remaining buildings a historic landmark.    [FULL  STORY]

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