Air conditioner at Taoyuan airport fails again due to blown fuse

Taiwan News
Date: 2016-06-05
By: By Bien Chin-feng, Lu Kang-chun and Elizabeth Hsu, Central News Agency

Taipei, June 5 (CNA) The air conditioner at the second terminal of Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport failed to work again Sunday morning, only hours after an earlier malfunction was repaired, the latest in a string of problems caused by a thunderstorm that brought severe flooding and power outages to Taiwan’s main gateway three days ago.

The air conditioning system began sending out cool air at around midnight Sunday, but stopped running at 4 a.m. due to a glitch in the cooling tower, according to Taoyuan International Airport Corp. staff members.

After repairs, the system was back at work at 6 a.m. cooling down the steaming terminal, which was like a hot oven over the past few days due to a power failure and the warm weather.

At around 9 a.m., however, the air conditioner stopped working again because of a jump in the circuit breaker. As of 11:49 a.m., the repair was still ongoing. On Thursday, a thunderstorm led to severe flooding and power outages, leaving the airport, mainly Terminal 2, in a state of chaos. More than 200 flights were delayed, and some 30,000 passengers were affected.     [FULL  STORY]

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