Air force confirms another missile glitch during drill

Taipei Times
Date: Jun 24, 2017
By: Staff writer, with CNA

The air force confirmed another missile glitch during a military drill in Pingtung County yesterday, a day after two MIM-23 Hawk missiles veered off course after they were launched at the same annual military exercise to test precision weapons.

The days-long exercise concluded at 11:20am yesterday at the Jioupeng Military Base (九鵬基地), the air force said in a statement.

“The air force will conduct a thorough review, as soon as possible, on all problems identified during the drill,” it said.

The statement came in response to a report by the Chinese-language Apple Daily earlier in the day that an Indigenous Defense Fighter had launched a Tien Chien (Sky Sword) II missile, but the missile failed to ignite and fell directly into the sea.

The reason for the incident is still under investigation, the report said.    [FULL  STORY]

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