Andre Chiang to bring Taiwanese cuisine to the Netherlands

Want China Times
Date: 2015-09-14

Chef Andre Chiang, whose dishes have been praised by the likes of Time magazine and

Andre Chiang. (Photo/Chen Chi-chuan)

Andre Chiang. (Photo/Chen Chi-chuan)

the New York Times, will soon bring cuisine from his native Taiwan to Europe when he becomes the guest chef of a Dutch restaurant.

Chiang, who owns Restaurant Andre in Singapore and the restaurant RAW in Taipei, has been invited to be guest chef at RIJKS, a restaurant at the Netherlands national Rijksmuseum.

Chiang and his team from RAW will cooperate with three of the head chefs from RIJKS from Sept. 25-27 to serve unique dishes that blend Eastern and Western flavors.

Chiang will use ingredients ranging from beans, peanuts, and crispy fried shallots to pig’s ear, chicken liver and foie gras, the United Daily News cited RAW publicist Lee Shu-hui as saying in an article.

The chef grew up in Taiwan and studied gourmet cooking in France, before moving to Singapore to open Restaurant Andre. His restaurant RAW, which offers experimental cuisine, opened in Taipei last year.     [FULL  STORY]

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