Army UAV missing in mountainous area in Chiayi

Focus Taiwan
Date: 2016/10/28
By: Chang Jung-hsiang and Lilian Wu

Taipei, Oct. 28 (CNA) An unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) went missing while

CNA file photo

CNA file photo

undergoing a routine training in a mountainous part of Chiayi County on Thursday, the Army Aviation and Special Forces Command confirmed Friday.

It said the UAV took off from Chiayi on Thursday afternoon on a routine training mission. Air traffic controllers on the ground lost contact with the vehicle as it was flying near Zhuqi in Chiayi County.

The Army has yet to establish why contact with the vehicle was lost, but it is searching for the missing UAV and has grounded similar vehicles.

The UAV can conduct military missions such as daytime and nighttime reconnaissance and war zone management, and can also carry out such tasks as monitoring national lands and inspecting disasters.     [SOURCE]

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