Asia contained the coronavirus at home. Now it faces an imported threat from the West

Los Angelese Times
Date: March 19, 2020
By David Pi0ersons, staff writer

People wearing protective masks walk on a pedestrian bridge in Hong Kong, which recorded its highest number of new cases of the coronavirus in a single day March 18.
(Getty Images)


In a sign of how difficult it will be to contain the coronavirus over time, Asia is reporting spikes in new cases of the disease known as COVID-19 after weeks of relative calm.

Hong Kong, Singapore and Taiwan recorded new highs for daily cases this week and South Korea reported its highest daily tally in eight days on Thursday.

The development should worry policymakers in the United States and Europe, which are now the centers of a growing pandemic that began in China.

Asia has been viewed as a model for the West to follow because of its rampant testing and the seriousness in which its populations have followed health guidelines.  [FULL  STORY]

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