Assembly jobs unlikely to move to US

KNOW-HOW:Hon Hai said that its smartphone assemblers are well-trained to do the complex job and US workers are unlikely to have the skills or desire to do such tasks

Taipei Times
Date: Nov 19, 2016
By: Lauly Li / Staff reporter

Pegatron Corp (和碩) chairman Tung Tzu-hsien (童子賢) yesterday said it would be difficult to follow US president-elect Donald Trump’s campaign promise to move Apple Inc’s iPhone assembly lines to the US, because the US does not have complete supply chains for iPhones.

Tung said making a smartphone is not just about setting up an assembly plant. The company would also have to consider moving all the component suppliers to the US to support handset production.

“It would be a lot easier to move
Coca-Cola’s production lines than it is a smartphone’s,” Tung told reporters.    [FULL  STORY]

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