Bank robber nabbed within four hours of heist

Taiwan English News
Date: March 4, 2019
By: Phillip Charlier

Police arrested a man at around 7:00pm this evening after a New Taipei City bank was robbed shortly after 3:00pm this afternoon.

At around 3:20pm, as shortly before closing time, a man wearing a surgical mask and a motorcycle helmet walked into a branch of the E. Sun Bank on Yuan-dong Road in Banqiao District, pointed a pistol at staff, and without saying word, went behind the counter to search for cash.

The suspect then fled with NT$500,000 cash. The whole robbery process took less than one minute, reported Apple Daily.

After the robbery was reported, police detectives went to the scene of the crime to begin investigations, and at around 7:00pm a suspect was arrested outside a convenience store in Zhonghe District.

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